Sept Insta Likes

Well another month has flown by - here are some pretty things I liked this past month on Instagram :

Sometimes I want to live in a world where everyone has cotton candy hair colors and looks all moon glittery all the time. 

I love coloring book pages - and have started to include them in my new kits in my shop!

Stickers everywhere I hoard mine so it would be hard to part with them like this - but I always love seeing other people do it.

A Purikura zine is what my dreams are made of! I only wish there were purikura booths in NYC so that I could go all the time!

I aspire to be as zine-kawaii as her!

Clothing Dreams.

A very kawaii anime I didn't know about "Creamy Mami"

Random pretties and cuteness and an event I'm planning on going to next Saturday! 
- - - - - - - - - - - - -

And here has been some of my life this past month :

Lots of acquiring things for kits and making kits!

Hair color changing and going on little dates!

Art Journaling and My first ever Kits!

So as you all may or may not know I have been going pretty strong on my Art Journal obsession this past year - I decided to take it to another level this weekend and make my very first Art Journal Kits!!

I was pretty stoked about it! It contains pieces from my personal stash and some new pieces I picked up this weekend - like the little jellyfish and sticker sheet. 

I even spent time to make a kawaii header package for it - pretty proud about it!

I was so inspired I made two other ones the next day :

A Blue Back Street Boy kit.

 This one is Yellow with Michael Jackson and Power Rangers!

Here they are all together 

I love how pretty and inspiring they look together! I can see them for sale at local stores hanging on a wall! 

I think these are one of my favorite products I've created in years because it fuels my passion for shopping and sourcing fun kawaii things - and assembling them into something someone can get inspired with and create some new with!

I have a couple other new products in the works! I am getting some fabric printed with one of my drawings for patches! I also sourced more things for the kits - including some Sailor Moon sticker / trading card packs! 

I wish I had more Kawaii friends locally - I was thinking about making a little flyer and posting around town to see if anyone would be interested in in a Kawaii Crafting Club? What do you guys think?

p.s. if you are interested in any packs they are for sale at my etsy!

Sept 1st already?

So August has come and gone and it was way too crazy - especially the last week. Somehow we made it out of last week - we moved and are into our new place. I got in my first bike accident the week before and have been so out of it since then. I finally got full-time at my job and am working towards a new position hopefully! I have been so inspired lately but haven't feel like I had any real time to get anything done the last month which really bummed me out. So I'm hoping September will slow down a bit more so I can get back to being more creative more often. 

We are pretty much moved into the new place - but unfortunately my new desk I got off craigslist won't be able to be affixed to the wall in our craft room so I have to buy a set-of-drawers to set it on - so hopefully that will happen this week - because I am dying to get settled in there! 

Here are some insta posts that have been inspiring me lately.

And here is some of what has been going on - Oh yeah and I dyed my hair blue because I needed a pick-me-up after my bike accident left me severely bruised and cut up!


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