International Zine Month (Day 23) Make a One Page Zine

Day 23 : Make a one Page Zine

I've made two different one page zines before. Both for specific occasions.

The first was for a superhero party that my boyfriend's bar was hosting. I decided to create my own superhero or anti-hero named "Madem Lovely Tights" and came up with a zine story about her.

The second was for a 'Grease' themed birthday party that I was going to here in NYC, I made this zine for the birthday boy.

This time around I wanted to make a mini-edition zine based off my Kiss & Tell zines. I decided to do one that was based off of pictures I've taken of myself over the years that has some idea of 'sexy' to me. 

Unfortunately I am horrible at figuring out proper print layouts when it comes to photoshop and my printer so that is why this is still not done - but I thought I would post a work in progress. 

I still want to add some translucent pages in the middle pages with an overlay of quotes from my sex blog Goldicocks so that is another thing I am working on for it as well.


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