International Zine Month (Day 22) : Send your zine to a zine library.

Day 22 : Send your Zine to a zine library.

As already noted in Day 21 I have most all of my zines at the Barnard Zine Library here in NYC.

So today I decided I would post about the zine mail/trades I have received since the last post.

The first is from (Day 3) Challenge : Order from a zine Distro. I chose and my order got lost in paypal but the owner graciously remedied the situation and let me order a couple of other zines for free to make up for it! So here is my lot from that order

The second is a zine trade from (Day 13) challenge. I traded with the amazing Sarah McNeil ( and received these lovely goodies. She prints a lot on a risograph which I have always been interested in because it looks so beautiful!

The third was a zine trade with Jennibelle ( Who makes amazing handmade journaling supplies as well as zines! A girl after my own heart! I was stoked when she said she would trade! Also it came in this super colorful and fun packaging! 

Snail mail is kind of an addiction to me. Receiving mail gives me such a high!


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