Art Journaling and My first ever Kits!

So as you all may or may not know I have been going pretty strong on my Art Journal obsession this past year - I decided to take it to another level this weekend and make my very first Art Journal Kits!!

I was pretty stoked about it! It contains pieces from my personal stash and some new pieces I picked up this weekend - like the little jellyfish and sticker sheet. 

I even spent time to make a kawaii header package for it - pretty proud about it!

I was so inspired I made two other ones the next day :

A Blue Back Street Boy kit.

 This one is Yellow with Michael Jackson and Power Rangers!

Here they are all together 

I love how pretty and inspiring they look together! I can see them for sale at local stores hanging on a wall! 

I think these are one of my favorite products I've created in years because it fuels my passion for shopping and sourcing fun kawaii things - and assembling them into something someone can get inspired with and create some new with!

I have a couple other new products in the works! I am getting some fabric printed with one of my drawings for patches! I also sourced more things for the kits - including some Sailor Moon sticker / trading card packs! 

I wish I had more Kawaii friends locally - I was thinking about making a little flyer and posting around town to see if anyone would be interested in in a Kawaii Crafting Club? What do you guys think?

p.s. if you are interested in any packs they are for sale at my etsy!


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