International Zine Month (Day 29) : Zine Collection Photo.

Day 29 : Post photo of you with your zine or zine collection.

So this has been kind of a tradition for me to pose with my zines for the photos on etsy where I sell them. It all started with Lolita Issue 1 :

I wanted to dress up like one of the girls that I had illustrated in the zine.

Lolita Issue 2 was all about panda's and I made a little panda mask to wear for this photoshoot!

Lolita Issue 4 was my Raw food issue.

Lolita Issue 5 was all about Robert Downey Jr. !

The 15 - a zine I did on 15 different topics. 

I loe you! - zine I did with different date ideas.

I haven't done a photoshoot for one of my zines since I first moved to NYC nearly 4 years ago. It's high time I get to it!


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