International Zine Month (Day 27) : Organize a zine event!

Day 27 : Organize a zine event! : any size! big or small!

So I had been considering this since I started this challenge. Because I have enjoyed doing these challenges every day (or every other day when I have time) and well I wanted to keep on with this - it was helping me be so much more productive than I have in a VERY long time. But I couldn't find any other challenges that I liked - most of them were exercise related - or if they were creative they were one word prompts. I liked this challenge so much because it was specific and it had you do actual things - and different things. I would get bored if it was the same thing each day ( like with drawing challenges) so I decided to try my hand at coming up with my own Monthly challenge.

So here it is! I made it with the same dimensions as the Zine Monthly challenge so you can do as I did and print it out  (link for bigger one here) and keep it in front of your desk to influence and inspire you. I added pictures of some of the things you will be doing during the month to get you excited as well! 

I hope that some of you will be following along and doing the challenges as well. I've even created my own hashtag for this event to use on instagram and such (and if you use it I will post some of the photos here!) 

Hashtag : #JemChallenge 

Feel free to share this image on other social networks as well!

I am excited for next months challenges and I put some easy self indulgent ones in there as well. Because some days I was just too tired to do the challenge but really wanted to - and if it is an easy one like 'eat watermelon' I think I can press myself to do it!


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