International Zine Month (Day 4) Read a zine from another Country.

At first thought - I didn't think I would have a lot of choices when it came to zines from other countries in my collection - but as it turns out I have a pretty fun collection of different types. Here are 6 different ones.

To Tired to Sleep : Maddy Young : Brisbrane Australia
I'm not the biggest on art-zines. But I really loved Maddy's line work - and the little quotes she had - I thought about tearing the book apart and using it in my art journals. 

My GirlGang : Frl Zucker : Germany
I've tried to collect all of her zines - they are perfection.

Tales from the Cadaver Lab : Kent Ross : Canada
I'm the kind of creep who loves reading about the lives of cadavers - especially after reading 'Stiff' many years ago and watching Six Feet Under religiously. Love Kent's insights!

Facts about Menstruation - that every woman should know : Sarah Evans : Canada
Informative little zine about the history of sanitary pads - how wasteful they are - and alternative methods!

Gardener's Delight : Fliss : UK
You can't go wrong with a gardening zine in my eyes. This is mostly about outdoor gardening which I'm unable to do currently - but I love reading and learning about it nevertheless. 

Epitaph for my Heart #2 : AmandaPandaJapanese : Sydney, Australia
Lovely little zine about how to be social. Probably should read this one again - I have certifiably become a home-body! 


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