International Zine Month (Day 5) Zine Skills

Day 6 : Teach yourself a new zine skill.

When coming up with ideas for these challenges - I am doing my best to avoid seeing others ideas for these posts - and picking the first thing that comes to my mind.

The first thing I thought of when learning a new skill - was my ex-boyfriend Marcus Tegtmeier ( who is an amazing artist/illustrator/etc.-etc. gave me these sheets of paper he made covered with instructions on how to make hand-made books from paper/etc. and I thought they were the neatest things ever.

They could easily be translated into zine construction so I thought I would share that as a new Zine Skill to be learned today.

I love how he illustrates each step - so it's actually understandable - I'm horrible at doing things like this. So I'm always envious of people who can accurately portray step-by-step instructions. 

Till tomorrow!


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