31 Days of International Zine Month (Day 2) Favorite Zines.

Day 2 : Re-read your favorite zines !

I used to do a feature on my blog here called 'On the Zine Scene' where I interviewed zinesters whose zines I had and loved - so this feature is pretty near-and-dear to my heart.

But I have since amassed a bunch more zines since then.

So for today I figured I would feature 10 of my favorite zines!

- - - - - - - - 

Lacey Hedtke's : Likes / Dislikes 1 and 2 ! ( polkaostrich@gmail.com )
This was the very first zine I ever saw and fell in love with. The zine is simply made up of lists of things she likes and on the opposite pages dislikes. I love the idea of it so much - it is great inspiration when I'm trying to think of something to write about - or I like to play a game with the lists when with friends to see if they like or dislike the same things.

Tiny Paper Hearts / How to Hide a Pimple. . . by Amanadapandajapanese and the fetus ( tinypapermail@gmail.com)
When I first started making my own zines - these ladies were the first to do some of my first trades. I always loved their style and what they wrote about. These two zines were simple, sweet, packed with helpful tips, and fun!

T-to-the-M-to-the-muthafucking'N-T, son by Chris Kuzma (www.chriskuzma.com)
I picked this one up at a zine fest here in Brooklyn a couple years ago and cracked up out loud when I read it. I actually kept this one tucked in my wallet so I could share it with people whenever I went out or wanted to let them know what a zine could be. Still cracks me up to this day.

The best things in the whole world : Frl. Zucker  (https://www.flickr.com/photos/frauzucker/)
I found her zines when I first started zine-making and became obsessed with her illustrations and cutesy style. 

Donut Diary : Kris Mukai ( http://www.krismukai.com )
I love this type of fill in zines where you are collecting certain types of things in a book. I haven't used it much in the past couple of years - but I need to get my donut cataloging on again!

Cocoa / Puss Zine #3 : Lamesha (Lamesha4@gmail.com)
I absolutely LOVE Lamesha. Her zines are so frank and up in your face they inspired me to make Kiss and Tell. She gives you real life tips for your sexy times after reading one of her zines I always come out feeling a little dirtier and empowered.

Resist Resist Resist 46 : Matte Resist ( https://www.facebook.com/resistzine )
Honestly I have read and re-read this particular zine more times than all the others. There is something about the way that Matte writes and what he writes about that really resounds with me. He's a poppa - gardener - punk - cyclist - and he likes to build things from scratch. All around dude - and he puts it all into this zines. Great read - and such a thick zine too - great for a trip!

First Kiss : edited by Elizabeth Spiridakis and Marisa Meltzer ( http://firstkisszine.tumblr.com )
When I found out about this zine I jumped at the chance to have this limited edition zine. I love Mrs. Spiridakis and have followed her blog and instagram for awhile so was excited she was compiling a bunch of first kiss experiences. It does not disappoint - great fun/funny read.

The Little Tea Zine : Isis (madebyisis.com)
I discovered this zine on etsy and was immediately drawn to it. It came with a limited edition pin and the zine is just put together beautifully. All of the illustrations the formatting and the overall look of it is very professional and well put together. The content is on point as well - so much different content on Tea you will surely get your fill!

April Fools' Day : Kathleen Hanna (http://www.kathleenhanna.com/april-fools-day-2/)
I found this re-print of Kathleen Hanna's original zine on etsy and originally was drawn to it because the title is my birthday. But once I found out what the topic matter was about I had to have it. "It’s about the intersections between oppression and addiction." It's a really informative read - even all of these years later, and a cool insight into Mrs. Hanna's head all of those years ago.

- - - - - - - - -

That's it folks 10 of my Favorite Zines! Until tomorrow!


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