International Zine Month (Day 12) Zine Reviews.

Day 12 : Send your zine out to be reviewed.

Another one on my zine list that I have not done. I have had my zine featured in another zine and have featured other people's products in my zines but never sent my own zine out to be reviewed - which is interesting considering I've purchased a collection of zines from reviews I've read from distro blogs I follow.

I guess I've never done it because I've always made my zines just for me - so as much as I think it's cool when people want to purchase them or trade with me it's never been my reason for making them - so I guess I never thought to send it out to have someone judge it.

But hell we will see what comes of it.

I chose two separate review blogs that I found using a google search to send my zines to be reviewed on.

1 : One Minute Zine Reviews :
2 : Syndicated Zine Reviews :

I like the idea of owning a zine reviewing blog or magazine because I would love to get tons of free zines in the mail. But I can imagine it is a ton of work.

Here they are all ready to be sent out!


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