Obsession : Bike Modding.

As you may know I finally got a new bike about a month or so ago. I have been putting off getting anything for it as I have been pretty broke with just starting a new job. But this past week I was finally able to get a few pieces.

I first got this Schwinn alloy Rack  .
:: My bike doesn't have the necessary holes for the standard type rack - so I had to get one that attaches to the post ::

I also picked up this Folding Basket to attach to it.
:: The rack only holds up to 20lbs so I don't know if I will be able to get another basket for the other side, but I may just do it for symmetry. I really like the fact that these fold up so no one can stuff things into them when I park it out on the street. ::

These LED lights were a mega deal. And I'm excited to be making rainbows across town. I have to work pretty late shifts so lights are going to necessary.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Now here are a collection of things I would like for my biking adventures!

This super small bike tool kit - as it stands I have no clue about fixing anything on a bike - but I'm hoping to take a class to learn how to - and this kit can assist me if I ever have an issue!

Being the garden/plant obsessed person I am I would LOVE to be able to take plants with me wherever I go. I'm curious as to how they would stand up to the wind - but I like the idea never the less.

Crochet loving - cover everything on my bike. How pretty are these two must haves

Love this brand and style of helmets - they are good for all sorts of weather conditions. 

A phone mount for the bike has become something I really need - as I have no idea where I am going most of the time and trying to navigate by keeping my phone tucked in my bra and stopping every couple of miles is annoying.

Diamond ring shaped tail light - because if you can do it in style do it!

Wireless Speaker with Bike Mount - so I can finally jam out to music while riding my bike. 

I'm not sure what I would use this bike pack for because I'm sure I would have my backpack with me - but just incase : because it looks too cute. 

- - - - - - 

There is plenty more where that comes from - but here is my small list of bike modding for now!


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