Baking - Zine Making and a whole hell of a lot of Game of Thrones

This past week was relatively tame compared to the rest of the month. I've been waiting for my training to start at Whole Foods and since I'm not looking for a job anymore and going on interviews I had a lot more free-time than I'm used to.

I spent most of it reading books on Indoor gardening and Hydroponic Gardening - which I will do a review on the books when I finish within the week here. I discovered a junk shop in my neighborhood, made some vegan muffins with some bananas that were past due - and started work on a reissue of a zine I made back in 2010.

The original zine was an issue of 10 copies and was made on bus-passes from Minneapolis. This time I am making them about the same size but making it more like playing cards with a storage box that I will be hand-decorating. I'm having some trouble getting the box the correct size - since the cards are not the standard size. But it will be amazing once I figure it out!

My seeds arrived from FLA on tuesday of last week and I promptly planted them into my hydroponic garden.  I've been figuring out how to tweak the timer I have it on so it gets the right amount of water for the hot-cold-hot weather we've been having. But the cucumber have already begun to sprout! I haven't seen any activity with the basil or lettuce - so not sure if they took or not yet. The tomato plant (in soil) has been getting HUGE since I repotted it - it even has little buds where its flowers will be coming out! I want more and more plants - it's hard for me not to buy more every time I go out and see them at the bodega's. 

Here are the Vegan Coconut Banana muffins I made from this recipe.

I loved this gma's braids while I was walking one day - and random donut hole fail. 

Summer Feels.

Obsessed with this Kickstarter campaign for Reading Rainbow. 

Okay that's all for now bye!


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