Latest Purchases.

So I have been partaking in some serious retail therapy to help me deal with all of this miserable weather we have been having. Thought I would share some of the fun (mostly pink) things that I have been filling my house with.

This super cute Art Journal kit.  I have been inspired to start journaling more lately - and when I found this kit I fell in love!

This one was a necessary buy but pretty cozy. 70s winter boots!

I had this idea to have a wall in my house be covered in old school latch hook rugs. I picked up this one to start the collection. I haven't made one of these since the 90s so it will be interesting to try my hand at it again.

I bought a couple of these vintage easter chicks to do an art project with.

Plus some satin pink headbands

Here was what i ended up with it - I might add more on to it. Haven't quite decided. But I think it's cute!

Here is a yellow version I made with supplies from the party store!

Fell in love with those blue pineapple socks and I just had to have them for summer!

I had this bottle holder custom-made by an etsy seller since I started carrying a bigger water bottle 1.5 L It was getting heavy in my purse so I needed an alternative. She made it pink and white for me too!

Found this seller from pinterest and everything she makes looks so beautiful I just couldn't resist at 4am one night. I am not a big lip-balm girl but these are tinted - and smell like rose. This is the one thing I haven't received yet.

More craft supplies from a local shop in park slope - Fiber Notion. 

That's all folks!


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