Potential S/S 2014 Runway DIYs

I have been craving some summer vibes hardcore lately - and this has only intensified while browsing on pinterest this morning where I came upon some beautiful pieces that have been released with the Spring / Summer 2014 runways. 

I picked out a couple that I thought would be perfect for the upcoming season - and could possibly be easy to make your own diy with. 

This one was the first one that struck me. Mara Hoffman s/s 2014 . I love wearing as many sheer things as possible during the summer months - and actually have a sheer white maxi american apparel dress that I think could work quite well for this diy. Obviously this piece was made with all hand beading - but I think a fun rick-rack trim, or even a hand-cut felt version for the pattern would give a similar effect!

I love how the sheerness of this dress makes it appear that the flowers are painted on her. Yanina Haute Couture Spring 2014. I would most definitely separate this into a two piece - with a high waisted sheer skirt embellished with silk flowers from a craft shop and then paint on the leaves.

This Stella McCartney Resort 2014 opens up so many options. Starting with a basic nude body con dress you could dress this up with many different appliqu├ęs to represent whatever you were trying to go for. Etsy is full of different sorts to spark your interest. 

This Dolce & Gabbana Summer 2014 dress - has a similar effect to the Yanina one above - but offers a completely different look once you pair down the bold red - for muted pinks and vanilla's. I also love how very woodland creature it feels like. Pull out your water-color paints and sew on a few flowers made out of simple cut fabric - or dollar store flowers onto a simple shift dress cinched at the waist with a medallion belt!

Maybe this Prada 2014 Coat would be a little difficult to replicate considering it's made out of all fuzzy fabric panels. But maybe a felt overlay on a brown coat could be a possible diy - Paint would be odd. Mostly I just thought it was pretty neat. 

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

Well those are my S/S DIY possibilities for the upcoming season. Do you have any pieces that you are dying to try your crafty hands at?


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