Valentine's Day 2014

Hi guys! It's Valentine's Day! One of my all-time favorite holidays.

It's been two long months I have been sick but yesterday I finally was able to go to the doctor's and have my surgery.  I am already feeling better and will be happy to leave the house - since I have been pretty much house-bound for the past two weeks - I wasn't even able to go to work. It's been weird and stressful.

But I had some good talks with George and we are planning on making the rest of the year much better to make up for all of the crappiness of the past two months.

My being sick was one of the reasons I had to put 'Seven Minutes in Heaven' on hold, and honestly I don't feel as much passion for it as I did before - for multiple reasons. I am going to be focusing on getting my health back to maximum and getting out and documenting my life again once more.

I miss having all of my weekly videos to go through - and sharing my life with my online friends!

Well I hope every one has a great Valentine's Day. I am planning on exchanging gifts later tonight, possibly going out to a restaurant for the first time in weeks - getting dressed up in something that makes me feel pretty - and possibly stopping over to my friend's V-Day Party. It will be the first time I've seen a lot of my friends since NYE.

Till later!


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