Art Journaling Kit (Inspiration)

As I get more obsessed with Art Journaling and building my own kit I have been searching around for inspiration and found these lovelies :

- - - - - - 

Here is what mine includes thus far :

Found a WHITE moleskine notebook - although it isn't suited for the water-coloring, so I will probably have to get another one. The Angora water colors were all they had at the art store so I ordered the smaller one I wanted and am waiting for it to come - but this one hasn't been bad so far! A collection of pens and a mechanical pencil because I somehow lost all the others I had - and some lead. The latch-hook tool is for another project - and the blue paintbrush is a travel one!

 - - - - - - - 

Here are some things I'm looking to add to my kit :

One of these two Water-color journals.

This is the water-color palette I ordered. The Winsor & Newton sketcher's pocket box set. It has great reviews and I love their products in general.

This small rotary paper cutter, mostly for pictures and paper stuff to put into it!

I have a couple printers I've read with great reviews and can't quite decide. But I have been needing one for quite some time.


More Instax Mini Film. Because duh it's so freaking cute. And I can never get enough of instant film!

Massive amounts of hand-made stickers!


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