DIY : SLC Punk inspired shoe revamp!

Reposted from my now defunct old blog PEEBEE + JEM

So lately I've been on a Neon kick - I want everything in Neon but it seems so does everyone else - and the suppliers are not making enough for all of us to have so I have very little of my precious!

I recently decided to remedy this by creating all of my own neon items myself. I had made plans to go out with my homeboy for some dancing in NYC this weekend and needed a new pair of kicks to run around town looking fabulous in.

To my luck these amazing pair of Cooperative platforms came into my work and answered my prayers for a mere $20. When I saw them I knew I couldn't buy them without doing something magical to them - since I have four other pairs of wedges that are black and suede. This was where the Neon spark came into play.

I didn't know how I was going to do it, but with a suggestion from my bf I thought Spray Paint would do the trick. I knew that it wouldn't be as flawless since the top of the shoes were made of faux suede but it kind of reminded me of Devon Sawa's character in SLC Punk with his amazing spray painted flannel T-shirt with "Fuck You" written on it. I liked that it would have a bit of a messy-punk look to it as well as having the futuristic look that neon colors instantly add to anything.

Thus my amazing Neon Platforms were made!

To make simply grab two cans of spray paint - one that is a white primer - and one that is the neon color you would like to use. Unlace your shoes that is if you like the contrast [I do!] and then place your shoes on newspaper or something. [I had to do it inside my room since it was raining outside] Then start spraying - I did four or five runs at it - alternating sides and getting into the black as much as I could. I used the paintbrush to get out some of the excess in the creases because I wanted the threading on the shoes to show through. After you are done priming spray your color on - which should only take like two coats. I did this in about 30 minutes and then went to work came home and it was all dry and ready to be reassembled.

If you want to get even crazier with it - use a sharpie to write things on the heels or maybe stick some Lisa Frank stickers on it. Use ribbons in the laces or add some of those super punk studs that everyone is adding on everything now-a-days [which I totally condone!]. The more the better if you are trying to make it more gaudy!

Hope you enjoyed this DIY - make sure you are watching SLC PUNK while you are making them or after for more inspiration, Trish's style is absolutely amazing in it!


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