Hey everyone, so I'm back with my August run-down. It went by pretty quickly, but was probably the hardest month out of the year as I had a pretty traumatic health issue I had to deal without throughout most of it, and am still at the tail end of now. (So here is to hoping that will be all gone soon) Tried to get in some last minute summer events, and made plans to have a kick ass fall with my closest friends. Here are some things that happened this month.

Watches the entire first season of 'orange is the new black' in two days on Netflix, and honestly I wasn't that impressed.

My best friend hooked me up with the nintendo 3ds that I had been coveting.

And then my lovely George hooked me up with the game I had been dying to play. ( I have been saving money to move, and paying off my credit cards so I couldn't get them so myself, and these boys spoil me so.)

Made some very delicious foods, and had my first and probably only picnic of the year.
Half of my table at the Pete's mini zine fest this year.
My spoils from the zine fest.

All of my amazing finds from work this month.

And finally, some outfits from the month. I must admit I am dying to pull out my fall wardrobe so I hope it starts getting a little cooler sooner.


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