So per usual, I online window shop daily, whether it is on etsy, eBay, amazon, or just google I have to get my fix. It also doesn't hurt that its part of my job. Here are some things I've been obsessing over lately, starting with my ongoing love for bright vintage dresses!



Here are some new pieces I've acquired lately.

Next obsession on my list absolutely has to be the nintendo 3ds xl!!!! The last time I personally owned a hand held console system was in the early 2000s. I have always loved playing video games but once I became an adult I felt like I shouldn't be investing so much of my time and money into I anymore, and I moved onto other things. But lately I have been hankering to get back into gaming again, and with the new animal crossing game popping up in my Instagram feed all too often I have been finding myself obsessively saving eBay searches, looking up cute cases, and endlessly watching reviews for the system and its other accompanying games. Alas I am only able to window shop with this obsession as well, since I am trying to save to move again in October, but it is all to exciting!


For me video games and comic book festivals go hand and hand. So when I was getting further and further into the above obsession I started getting sucked into the other realms of gaming, which led me to purchase my very first NYC comic con ticket!! I've been to others in the past in fla, and had a blast and every year I always kick myself when I see everyone on the subway dressed in their cosplay costumes, so this year I decided to just bite the bullet and do it. $50 thankfully isn't breaking the bank, and I got a nice bonus at work this month that helped cover it. But now I've got to start brainstorming what I will dress up as?? I've convinced a few friends to go as well so it should be fun. Plus to cap off the day, one of my favorite bands cocorosie is playing a show later that night, and I have wanted to see them for awhile. It's going to be a great October!

My next obsession is nothing new to this blog, if you have been following for any length of time you may remember when I used to do video tutorials for nail designs. I still do my nails pretty regularly, here are some designs from the past months.


I've been wanting to try and do some 3d effects with my nails lately, inspired by one of my old coworkers, here are some fun things I've found.




And there ya have it folks, things that I'm currently obsessing over. Other honorable mentions, my amazing boyfriend - especially when he tells me the sweetest secrets, making cauliflower do crazy delicious things in the kitchen, sailor moon manga and anime, the Japanese food market near my work, looking up places to live on padmapper, and dying my hair every shade of the rainbow!


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