July 2013

I love you guys.

I was just watching some old videos on my YouTube channel from when I first moved here and throughout the past couple years I've lived here in NYC and it has been such a whirlwind.

I'm now excited to say that I have been living in NYC for 3 years officially, benzie and I celebrated together on the 4th of July lounging at this hotel party next to a salt water pool in Williamsburg. So very fancy.

I have purposely not been keeping up with the blog or my YouTube or anything other than posting stupid videos on my vine (jemibook) or my Instagram (jemibook - this is a private one so request me) and tons of inappropriate snapchats to all my homies across the USA.

I just felt like I wasn't being productive enough with this slice of Internet, And I was working in taking harp lessons, and trying to get a promotion at my job, so I just had to let this take the back burner for a moment.

But once I started watching those old videos it made me realize that I haven't been taking videos any more unless it is the 13 second ones for Instagram now. Thankfully I have been taking a lot of film photos this year, here are a couple I just got developed.



My favorite couple, regan and Casey!!!


Stormy looking like a cutie

The best photograph I've ever taken.


And of course lil j giving the stink eye.


I've been having a great time this summer, going out with all of my friends, and getting into trouble. The summer in NYC is what I live for each year. So much going on!

I am tabling once again with my zines at the Pete's candy shop mini zine fest August 24th which I'm stoked about and am finally finishing up kiss and tell vol 2 for it.

My little brother cole is coming to stay with me next week, and I've got some fun adventures planned for us to partake in while he is here, will be interesting to see NYC through children's events.

Other than that, been getting more and more into vintage clothes, and have added a few choice pieces into my closet, as well as getting back into making new pieces from vintage patterns, I finished one paradise kaftan about a month ago, and found some incredible pineapple fabric that I'm going to use to make a vintage crop top with.

Good productive and fun summer, but I can feel the tides of my life shifting once again, and am excited for where it will take me this time. I will try to get up on here and post a bit more, but if I don't know you can get a daily dose of my insanity by adding me on Instagram : jemibook



Some of the things I've won in the past couple of months, as well as the caftan I made.


Ill end with this video because I'm obsessed with this song.


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