August Round-up

Hanging out at McCarren Pool.

Day-off-Day-Drinking @ Lucky Dog on their porch swing.

Almost bought this top.

With my Eugenie before he left - wearing a 90s Drew Barrymore inspired ensemble.

The work-addiction continues.

Didn't buy this because of fit issues.

Regan and Eugene at Greenpoint Tavern.

Making flower crowns at work.

Jocelyn is the pretties girl ever.

Hanging out in bed with my buffahoes.

Matchless Fries at 3am.

Peter Pan donuts.


The russian finally moved to the big apple.

Pretty views.

Sailormoon chill days.

Pretty in pink every other day.

Found my wedding dress for my future wedding that doesn't exist yet - need to meet the right person first - but it's okay I will look fabulous!

New make-up purchases from Etsy.

New tops from work.

Miss Frizzle dress came in.

Back of the beauty.

New ring that I am in love with.

Brewing it up with Kish before 90s madness.

As you can see all I do is have pretty clothes in August.

Waiting outside at a sunday afternoon rave.


Baby Gang.

Waiting to pick up $$$.

The shoes that should have fit me.

The Unif shirt that also didn't fit.

Paige looking cute in the background.

Jungle Princess Dress I had to own.

Babysitters club jumper I didn't have to own.

All my pretty babies.

Watching The Neverending story for the first time ever.

Testing out contacts for the Die Antwoord show.

Hanging out with my favorites at Union Pool.

Creating madness.

The Epicness - featuring sunglasses all the way from Minneapolis thanks to my Liz Face!

Was on an okra kick.

Babely buffahoes hanging outside work.


Quorn Enchiladas. 

Ravioli soup.

Pretty jewels!

Wishing I was on a tropical island.

Williamsburg writing me love notes.

A glittery globe that looks like an implant.

Selling clothes.

Puppy Tattoos.

Robotos who serve you beverages.

Magical music stores that neglect to have celtic harps.

Waiting for dinner to finish cooking.

Before we headed out to a booty-popping dance party with DJ No Rulez.

Driving to the other side of brooklyn.

Outfit for Anastasia's 90s night.

Eating a whole pizza on my own.

 Buffalo early morning meetings.

New shoe love.

The last time I wore this dress before throwing it away - thanks for the last two years H&M.

Hearts chips and guac.

Best look name someone else gave me for this day "You look like a sort of ethereal Norwegian mermaid".

And that was my August in Instagram. Did this month feel extremely long to anyone else. Went to shows - hung out with friends - made new friends - worked-worked-worked and worked more. Made really yummy food - and found a bunch more pieces for my fall/winter look.

Sept nothing is planned so far - other than working on writing, and searching daily on ebay for a Celtic Harp. Probably go to some end of the summer parties - but took off 100 days of drinking for the rest of the summer into fall - one week so far so good.



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