Trip down Memory Lane - My Old Rooms.

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Talking to Paige today in the Droom (on her last day :(((( ) made me remember when I had my wisdom teeth out and how painful it was. I found this picture of the ice wrap I would wear every day to bed even with all of the pain meds I was on.

Although looking at this picture now I'm mostly reminded of how great it felt to have my own room - my own individual space to do whatever I wanted with. I also love how gross I look but how deliciously cozy I was in those sleep clothes.

The two polaroids tacked onto my wall and friends artwork that was given to me. 
I am looking forward to having my own room again this winter to decorate and do with as I please - have creative messes of pinks,silks, furs, and laces dotted with sequins and gems. 

Here are some of my old rooms that I've had in my adult life.

This was the last room I lived in- in Minneapolis with all of my friends. I had the darkest room in the house - but I tried to keep it as bright as possible.


After Mr. Sweet and I broke up and I broke down I moved back in with my friends and lived in their sun-room. This was my favorite place during the time I lived in Minneapolis. It wasn't a real room at all - I had two sheets for doors. But it was the brightest room in the house and I was incredibly creative in it - creating most of my third album in bed in the early mornings.


Living in St. Paul - I was gifted with this desk which was my only 'me' space in the place - I tried to use it to the best of my ability.


Back in late 2007 I lived in what I refer to as the 'Tin-shack' it was the only time I ever lived completely on my own - and although I was able to be incredibly creative I found it pretty depressing to live all by myself.


In the beginning of 2007 I moved to Jacksonville in a 2bedroom with Daniel Diaz and generally made a mess of everything as I was working two jobs and going out exploring the rest of the time. 

This was my first room that I paid for after I moved out of my parents house. I painted all of the walls myself - and went thrift shopping every week, which resulted in amazing knick-knack finds and some of the best furniture buys. I miss thrifting in Florida it really can't be beat.


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