Week in Video

This past week was slated to be phenomenal come Friday.
All week we prepared for the Die Antwoord show - and Ninja, Yolandi, and DJ Hi-Tek did not disappoint as you can see from above. My costume made a lot of fellow fans pretty pleased and we found ourselves in a few schinanigans at the Charleston before heading to the subway with a huge thing of sangria on the subway that we shared with new friends before jumping the line (thanks to my fabulous outfit) @ the Standard for the Le Bain party where we did not jump into the pool.
Found our sublet for Sept from an okc locals ad in south williamsburg and headed to Marina and the Diamonds whom put on a brilliant show to me and all of the gay men in attendance.
The rest of the week was pretty chill - cooked a lot of yummy foods and had a lovely skype chat with my favorite Liz-Face for a few hours.


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