Week in Video

- Checking out the exhibit that Lindsay's work was at with Jocelyn.
- Greenpoint Tavern drinking with Benzie and Kish before the Drive Concert.
- The absolute insanity that was the Drive concert, Electric Youth KILLED it from the get-go and everything after that was a crazy dance-party debaucherous haze of amazingness.
- The 'No Mojitio' sign was hilarious - the fact that they needed to put that up there was priceless.
- Smorgesboard before going to the Zine-Fest Saturday morning.
- Zine Fest @ Pete's Candy Store was so much fun, and all of my friends came, and people were super supportive and lovely to be around - plus the weather was A++
- Driving out to the other side of Brooklyn and blasting early 00's pop.
- Berry Park for dinner where Christina joined!
- Pit-stop at TGI Friday's killing time before The Dark Knight started.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Other notable things : Crazy rain storms, being called Jewel @ work, being filmed for public access tv, a customer telling me I looked magical, over-doing it on red bull, finding out there are more episodes of girls to watch, comparing kish to adam in girls, introducing matthew to carrot dogs, how amazing they made bane in the final batman - and how I really want them to continue with JGL.

This week should be much more chill - Benzie and I are on the rush to find a place to live next month - if anyone knows anyone looking to sublet a room to a couple of well-behaved homies let me know!


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