July Round-up

1st Picnic of the year in McCarren Park

Suburban Sundays @ Target

Stealing Buffalos and taking them to Union Pool after work

My spoils after Buffalo Dollar Days @ Work

Tutti-Frutti outfits becoming the norm.

4th of July outfit.

Raw Food, massive bike rides, and fireworks with Benzie

Darkness outfit for work.

Mow-looking cute

Busting out the Body-con for work

Began binging on Red Bull and chocolate at work for energies sake

Floral crowns for work.

Outfit for work with all my lovelies

When my love affair with my new Jeffrey Campbells began.

Nail Designs.

Standard Biking to work outfit

Scoring amazing things at work

Clothing malfunction causing all sorts of issues.

Fell in love with the dress that caused me some many issues - and these two of course.

Enjoying lunch outside on a cool day with a coworker.

Late night snowcones with January.

Being silly @ The Bedford during Anastasia's DJ set.

The outfit that was named 'Dom-look' when I got to work.

Flower-crowns everyday.

Getting my film developed from Nebraska - check this beer only $4 at Brothers!

Hanging out at Spike Hill with the gang after work - looking like a goddess all day.

Treated to amazing breakfasts.

Marathons of Girls.

Loving this top shop dress.

Oldest capcom bowling at check e. cheese like place.

@ Babeland for 50 Shades of Grey class.

Breezy outfit for work.

Was told that this was my pumpkin look @ work.

The most amazing skate sandal wedges came in at work.

With my ladies at Lindsay's bday party.

Dressed Up like a picnic.

Found this amazing sequined dress at work and had to do it proper.

Wearing my hell bounds to work.

@ The Drive Concert.

People's Pops with Benzie.

@ Pete's Mini Zine Fest.

Getting down to Nelly @ TGIFridays in Bay Ridge territory before The Dark Knight.

Rocking a new see-through dress while in Union Square for dinner.

Getting cheesy at the Hudson River.

Doing homework.

As you can tell July turned out to be way crazier than initially planned. Which I'm happy about because August is going to just get even more intense - and I can't wait! Benzie and I move to green point for the next month - and being so close to everything and not having to commute loads will definitely cause a lot more chaos in my life. Although looking forward to those days when I can just hang out with my best friend in the a/c binge eat hoards of food and watch 'Girls' together. Summer 2012 way to go!


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