Video of the Week.

Here is a little sneak peek of what I got into in the last week.
I'm so proud of myself for taking video again!

-Benzie and I randomly met a couple of british lads in on holiday and we all had drinks together and talked about cultural differences.
-Matthew tells me the story of his plant, takes me on an epic bike ride through Forest Park, where we happen upon a Beach Boys cover band.
-Bodega shopping for BYOB thai restaurants.
-The best street performer ever found in the Bedford subway, while on my way home after hanging out with January for the first time.
-9 month anniversary drinks with Anastasia, Daniel, Benzie and Matthew at Spike Hill.
-Having a yellow-cab man let us in his cab and then for apparently no reason to us kicking us out.
-Suburbia Sunday walking around BJ's and a Chuck E Cheese like arcade.
: additional bits : staying open an extra hour at work, 50 Shades of Grey class @ Babeland, Red Bull work addiction, surprise texts from Liz with potential packages in store for me! :
Till next week!

p.s. song choices are based on whatever I've been having on repeat the most for a given week, hence the oddness for the past two weeks. 


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