This day in Jemi-History

So I decided to pull through my Flickr history and see what I was doing on this day in the past here is what came up :

In 2007 I was working on props for my very first Jemibook show. These ended up being the rainbow 3d glasses I created for everyone to wear while watching my show in the park.

In 2008 I enjoyed this platter of sashimi with Brandon Sweet - it was the first time that I had eaten meat since April of that year when I had gone raw.

In 2009 I wore this to a 'were all couples' party over in St. Paul. Ended up leaving in the middle of a game we were all playing because I drank too much wine way too fast.

Today I am just going off to work and then celebrating because it is technically my Friday and I have the next two days off and I'm going to be able to go and see Bryanties!


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