10 Things I Love.

1. Being able to shoot Polaroid-like pictures again and not paying a million dollars for film. Now if only I could find one of these for $5 in a thrift store - I would be set!

2. Teas! One of my dreams is to have a full cabinet with different types of teas at my disposal [ this goes along with my other life goals to have a pup and a garden]. I saw this tea come up on tumblr and am curious where to get one for myself!

3.All of the amazing glittery knickers at TopShop when I visited the other day.

4. String lights to make everything a bit more moody and special.

5. Moleskine projects with Nebraska that get me excited for all of the keepsakes we are creating for one another.

6. Zines! I just finished reading Culture Slut #25 and really loved it. Starting on the two comics that I picked up two weekends ago and they have been keeping me smiling.

7. Mood Rings - I used to never leave the house without one of my mood rings on - I would wear them until they were breaking or staining my finger green wherever it sat. I've lost all of my old ones and need new ones now but where to get them?

8. Everything Ryan Gosling does minus Eva Mendes.

9. Pokemon - Nebraska left a gameboy and Pokemon Red for me to play again - it has been over a decade since I was addicted to Pokemon with my brother - it will be fun to re-live it all! I picked Bulbasaur !

10. Big Huge Hair Bows.


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