The 5 Days of Nebraska [ Day 4 ]

On this days adventures Nebraska said he wanted to wield the camera - so the result will be more pictures of me this time - yeah i know ick! The first picture above I am posing with my camera like a professional - because anyone that lives in NY knows your cell phone is a moot point down there.

Before I forget - this is what we looked like - I busted out the unicorn dress for this special occasion of adventures.

For Brunch we went to Foodswings - an amazing Vegan restaurant that serves diner-like food - also my wife works there - so we are there too much. But a little slice of heaven for those like Nebraska who are lactose-intolerant. I got a ham and cheese melt with surf fries, and he got a breakfast burrito with metal fries. We scarfed it down!

We headed over to this amazing comic book festival that I went to last year with Ben and Brit that just happened to be the weekend Nebraska was here.

After the festival we headed over to Ben's for the pool party - but we were a bit early so we hung outside their door and peeped at our comics and drank yummy juices.

Went down to their Billiards room while we waited for the rest of the gang to arrive and watched some bad tv while people badly played pool.

Benzie had got anastasia and I bathing suits to wear at their place when we come over and they were pretty ridiculous.

Went swimming for a few hours played some zombie marco polo and had a short stint in the hot tub and sauna to dry off.

Back upstairs where we ordered some Vinny's pizza [a delicious pizzeria that has some of the best vegan and vegetarian pizza around]. I made some mixed drinks and anastasia promptly passed out while a rather loud game of cranium was played. Discovered that Brit Brit is the champion of drawing with her eyes closed - and that Nebraska is the master of word puzzles. I don't think we've ever played a more intense game of Cranium before - and just so everyone know Balaclava is not to be confused with Baklava.

Back home after a drive home courtesy Benzie where Nebraska looked very man-modely in my bed with his Frankenstein shirt that he altered himself. Gotta love a crafty boy! :)


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