The 5 Days of Nebraska [ Day 3 ]

Started off the day with Nebraska making us a breakfast scramble with fake meat - green peppers - and onions. It was deliciously fluffy - and I decided he would be the chef in this relationship after it! I made the toast - look how professional it appears!

We wore these clothes on that day - and headed over to my work to pick up my paycheck and wander around Williamsburg again.

We weren't quite full yet so we stopped at Crif Dog and stuffed Nebraska's face with delicious vegan hot-dog-ness! and tator tots as well!

I looked lovingly like this while he stuffed his face.. :p

I took him shopping on Broadway - to all of the lovely stores they don't have in Lincoln and introduced him to some new stores he had never been to before - including Uniqlo and he had his first H&M experience which resulted in a sexy basic henley style shirt being purchased to my delight! In this picture very important artistic acts are being had though - Nebraska was running low on fine quality pens and pencil lead so Dick Blick for the win!

This is what it looks like when Nebraska tries on a hat he doesn't really love at Uniqlo. Oh and those suspenders were purchased at 21Men - what a steal!

This is what it looks like when Nebraska is in retro video game heaven. It had been so long since I was in a store like this - since I lived in Orlando and I used to go video game shopping with my ex all the time. It is really easy for me to get back to being obsessed with video games but I try to stay away because it really takes away from my productivity.

After we shopped till we were going to drop we headed back over to Brooklyn and had dinner at one of my go-to-spots. Wild Ginger - a vegan asian restaurant in Williamsburg.

After Dinner we headed over to Barcade - where Nebraska got his first taste of playing tapper - and then I whooped his butt in all of the other games including - contra - tetris - and - knock out. The wife and Daniel came by later with Foodswings in tow and they played some tetris as well.

We all took the subway back home together and the wife and daniel entertained us with Nsync songs remixed.


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