The 5 Days of Nebraska [ Day 2 ]

Woke up and had breakfast to get our day started off right for adventures.

Our clothes looked like this.

Our faces and feets looked like this while waiting for the subway into the city.

We did touristy things like go to Nintendo World and play video games and see the Zelda display.

Then we walked around the corner to see the big tree and the ice-rink!

We ran into the Union Square Holiday Market and I fell in love with this spices booth - swoon!

Went to Diesel where he fell in love with the helmets.

Couldn't resist a stop into Barnes and Noble to check the status of our relationship astrologically.

Re-fueled on some crappy NY pizza - while I got yelled at for not knowing the name of all of the pizza's in the place.

Discovered that Nebraska is of the 1% of men that can actually fit into 21Men clothing - which is awesome!

Walked along the High Line and proposed greatness together forever. It really is quite a beautiful spot in NY - I would recommend everyone go there if you haven't yet.

Stopped into Y3 on the way back to Bushwick per Nebraska's request.

Got back to Bushwick and switched into our nighttime outfits!

Met up with the gang at 'The Meatball Shop' in Williamsburg.

Bryant was Troy's date and since he was late he brought Troy a flower to make up for it - that and a hilarious story of why he was late.

After Dinner we headed over to Tacu Tacu for karaoke time and the Buffalo Bro Down.

We all killed it in Karaoke - Fastball / Spandeu Ballet / Britney Spears / Weezer / Queen and I ended it all with Limp Bizkit's - Rollin' . It was fun to see all of my Buffalo's out - and my crew doing karaoke together.


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