The 5 Days of Nebraska [ The final day ]

On Nebraska's last day here we looked like this.

We went to Ella Cafe for breakfast. Which was quite delicious and not at all vegan.

After breakfast we headed to the upper east side for an antique flea market before meeting up with the wife and heading over to central park.

Nebraska checking off the rest of the things he wanted to do before leaving NYC.

Made a last shop stop at Top Shop so he could witness the amazing that is Top Shop Men.

Headed over to Trader Joe's and picked up some ingredients so that Nebraska could show off his cooking skills again. Which he made this lovely dish out of. It was supper yummy - and looks professional. I am sure going to miss having a lovely boy cooking delicious meals for me.

I had a great time with Nebraska it has been a long time since I've had a boyfriend to make me feel special and make cute memories with - but I guess I was meant to wait so long so that #1 I wouldn't screw it up again like I always do - and to find someone who is at the same point in their life. Normally I wouldn't ever consider a long distance relationship - but we talk so often and so frequently in all mediums I almost feel like he is here all the time - and we make daily efforts to make the other feel special. It's funny - when we started talking everyone began coming out of the wood-work to tell me about how they were in long distance relationships for years - or how they had met each other the same way that we've met and have been together for years and all of these really sweet stories - I had always only heard that long distance is hard and never works - so it really made me happy. That and this cute tumblr : Long Distance Things that I found from a blogger I follow who currently moved to NYC and her long term boyfriend moved to LA for work and they always fly to each other and have cute adventures.

Are any of my readers in long distance relationships?


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