We Found Love

Hey guys guess what - I had time this morning to put this video together. It has footage from two months worth of stuff I've been doing. From Shit Yeah Girl! rehearsals - to zombie day at my work and walking around times square to meet up the babes - actual Halloween in there with Kish dressed up in the most fabulous ensemble - the last days of summer - the wife and I singing spice girls songs in the car - the view from Ben's new building - going to see Jack's band Radical Face while he was here - random shots with random people at bars - Atlantic city swimming and dancing - going to see Eddie's band while he was in town - karaoke! - and then no video is complete without crazy dancing to Katy Perry's - Firework at Kish's house party last week.

I've been keeping it pretty tame here in Jemibook land - Had a Shit Yeah Girl practice on Sunday - where we basically fine-tuned our timeline for the next couple of months. Went out Saturday for shopping with the ladies - which was nice for a change - we hardly are ever all free at the same time. This week has just been having fun at work - while searching for the most perfect dress for when Nebraska comes - ONE WEEK LEFT!! So excited - we have almost a full itinerary planned for our 5 day vacation - this is the closest thing I have to a vacation - which will be so worth it!

Tomorrow is Thanksgiving - first one with the wife. We have already started on foods - sampled some delicious dishes - and can't wait to scarf it all for the next week! I have Thursday and Friday off - so hopefully I will be able to post some stuff for you lovely peeps - otherwise have a great Thanksgiving!


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