Ben's Birthday : Atlantic City

So I know this post is almost a month overdue now. But honestly I've been too preoccupied with life to put this post together. For Ben's Birthday this year Brit decided she wanted to take him to Atlantic City for his bday - rent out a hotel room and get crunk. Ben is a work-a-holic and they had gone to Atlantic City early in the year and had fun. Ben didn't know what was actually going on for his birthday he just thought that Bryant, Javier and I were taking him out for breakfast. When it began to look like we were leaving Brooklyn over the Verrazano Bridge - Ben began asking questions. We were able to quell his questions for a bit with David Cross - and momentarily convinced him we were going to Jersey Shore [he had recently started watching it on Netflix] but once the Atlantic City signs started showing up it was a bit obvious. Here are the pictures we took from the weekend :

I drove Ben's car - and Brit gave directions - after Ben figured out we weren't going for breakfast Brit pulled out the Dunkin Donuts she had got for the trip.

We all dressed up - I wore my favorite cocktail dress, I believe Ben is wearing one of the Rag & bone t-shirts I picked out for him at my work. He is absolutely obsessed with Rag & Bone, him and Brit buy almost everything I find for them at my store lately - it is pretty awesome - considering Rag & Bone is super expensive regularly.

Bryant chipped in to get a second hotel room for the three of us - so Ben and Brit could have their own room and Brit picked up all the makings for boozey drinks for a game of Kings to start off the day.

She had us all wearing funny hats she picked up before Halloween as well.

Bryant ordered some room-service pizza.

The boys had a fun time with these bed pillows.

The view from our hotel room.

An Entenmann's cake was Ben's cake for the event.

This is where the party began.

We didn't have any knives in the hotel room - so Ben decided to remedy this by using his ipad to cut the cake with. This was probably my favorite moment of the weekend. He was so hysterically happy about this - pleased as a little kid that he was doing this - it was great.

We went to the pool after that - where a dj was just ending a pretty swell set - and ben ordered one of the special reserved beds by the pool and we ordered a million drinks and some food.

The hotel lit up at night.

Bryant and his shots.

Back to our rooms where we had a dance party while we waited for Ben and Brit to get ready.

Headed out for dinner - where we traveled far to finally find a place that didn't have an hour long wait for food!

We all had some form of burger!

We did a bit of gambling after that where I lost all of my money and tried to find a Sex and the City slot that wasn't occupied.

We passed out after the boys had a massive pillow fight for at least 30 minutes straight and woke up early in the morning and had sandwiches and headed out.

- - - - -

Overall a pretty fun time in Atlantic City. I think Ben enjoyed the getaway. Much better a present for the mister who stays locked up in the house working all the time. Hope you have a fabulous 27th year BFF!

*pictures by bryant or I*


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