Old Fashioned Romance.

I knew that I wouldn't update much this month - It's been kind of a relax week or so - so I've felt bad about not updating - plus I just got a new subscriber! Hi there!

If only this blog were as easy to update as my tumblr - it would get updated every day!

I started reading 'The Hunger Games' trilogy!

I was inspired after I watched the trailer the other day while I was eating lunch.

I downloaded it to listen to it, since I am broke until friday [spent too much at the slots in atlantic city -whoops]. This is my first time 'listening' to a book since my little fisher price record player with the disney stories from when I was a kid. But this story is so addicting I can't wait to get back to it between every break at work - and whenever the subway isn't being too noisy on my ride to and from work. I finally finished 'My Booky Wook' - Russell Brand's first autobiography, I wasn't really surprised by much of what I read in the book - but I did find myself laughing out loud at a lot of parts - I would be interested in reading his 2nd book though - once I finish this trilogy.

Kind of in love with this Transparent Fur Raincoat from KTZ for a mere $695. It would have been very useful today with the crap weather we had - although I probably would only wear it out when it wasn't raining - probably to an outside party in the late fall somewhere - so I could be warm and look fabulous.

Speaking of clothes - I finally found my winter coat at work!!! I have been wanting to replace my one from last year :

I wore it to the death - plus I can already tell that it isn't going to cut it with my 15 minute walk to the subway each morning/night to work. I scored the most amazing deal. My only two stipulations were that it be full-length and that it be poofy. I made out like a bandit though - I scored a Kenneth Cole full-length down-filled jacket with an extended collar so I zip my little nose up to keep it warm for only $20.00 !!!!! Yes! Oh man, someone really messed up at my work when they priced that baby. But to my advantage. We have a similar one by calvin klein for $65 - which I was waiting to go half price - until this sweetness turned up.

Thank you Buffalo Gods!!! It only took you two months this time.

Not only did that come in at work this week - but when I was checking in the new merchandise yesterday at work I came upon our very own knock off velvet Lita's!! We got them in 4 different colors and I tried them all on. But of course the one color that fit the best was my signature shade...RED! I have been wanting them since I saw them plastered across the blogosphere but knew they wouldn't come into my work for quite awhile after the trend died down - so I was soo happy that we got these knock-offs in to curb my shoe appetite for a bit longer!

The best thing about this clothing/Buffalo story is that I basically got both of these items for free! I had a strict rule for myself this month that I wouldn't buy any clothes for a month since I have been naughty lately and I have been trying to save up for when Nebraska comes at the end of the month. I managed to cash in all of my buttons [buffalo term for credits we accrue for doing awesome things at work] and I was able to get them both with my credit - plus I used my discount so I got them for even cheaper - and I have monies left over!!! Ugh...so happy about these two new babies in my life! Winter will be a bit more bearable now.

Sometimes I wish I always worked at Buffalo - as my very first job. Instead of going through all of the crap jobs I've had in the past 8 years. I really love it!

Of course I will be posting pictures once I take them - today I just got home from work made a home-cooked meal [mac and cheese and peas] and watched a movie. It has been crap out all day and I just wanted some home comforts.

The Wife and I are doing Thanksgiving at our house - with her making her signature tofurkey from scratch - and I will be making some fixings - and some potent pumpkin flavored drinks of course! It will be our first time having people over - we really need a couch to properly entertain - maybe in the spring..?

Tomorrow I'm going to Planned Parenthood for a lovely lady check-up. The one here is such crap - I've waited for 3 hours before. I tried to plan it on a day that I have off - but they get so booked up I had to do it before I went into work late ... so I am hoping that I will be able to get in fast.

Oh, also Benzie got a new job!!! I am soo happy about it because BigLive has been ruining our quality hang-out time - and I want my old Benzie back! So we are going out to Tacu Tacu to celebrate with karaoke and jolly good times.

I have this entire weekend off - which is kind of strange, and I don't really know what to do with it anymore - but Bryant and I are planning on doing some major Shit Yeah Girl! projects - and I think I am going to go along with Brit Brit to help her find her winter coat. Friday is a party at Kish's house for no reason except for Trader Joe's spreads - $3 wine (for me - i'm being good!] and writing all over his chalkboard wall.. So there is a bit planned which will be good fun - maybe I might even go to my coveted Brooklyn Flea - since this is the last one of the year :(

Other news : I finally got an android phone!!

I had been wanting one since I saw a coworker at macy's get one back in 2010 before I left Minneapolis - I was mesmerized by swype! I only had to wait another year until my plan with ATT was up so I could sign-up for two more years and get a free phone! I originally wanted one with a full keyboard in it, but this was the only one they had with the best reviews that was free so I picked the Samsung Galaxy S. We have been getting along pretty well - and I am getting used to all of the features at my fingers - hopefully Ben won't throw it and break it this time - so I can keep it for a bit longer.

Been eating loads more raw meals - and started taking Folic Acid - and stopped talking Scullcap. I had been taking it for a year to help with my anxiety, and I now finally felt like I was at a place where I no longer needed it. I'm quite proud of myself - I mean it only is a supplement so it can't harm to take it, but I still am glad I was able to get a better grip on my emotions in the past year. I still take St. John's Wort - which I probably will have to take for the rest of my life - and I am okay with that - it is better than the alternative.

As much as I am not looking forward to winter this year - I am still going to make the best of it. This year I am going to do the following:

Go Ice Skating in one of those tourist things in the city.
Go sledding with the gang in Ft. Greene or some place with huge hills.
Possibly make a snowman in our backyard with the wife.
Play loads of Risk.
Hanging out Poolside/spaside @ Ben's.
Hibernate with Bryant so we can work on amazing Shit Yeah Girl! ideas for the spring/summer shows.

That is all for now. Hope you are all having an amazing one.


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