The roof - the roof - is on fire.

Yesterday was a short day at work 10-4pm. I found a new skirt on my break and got it with my discount! I get 30% off of $150 worth of merchandise now! Exciting stuff. Plus I also had store credit so free clothes for me! I will post the picture tomorrow. My outfit was pretty boring so I didn't bother taking a picture of it. Cashed my sweet paycheck and paid rent and came home and got ready to go to the wives play. I started curling my hair and then gave up halfway through and decided to wear my new wig that I got in the mail. Pictures below :

Trekked over to the play where as I was walking across Delancey St. in Manhattan I promptly tripped and became runway roadkill in the middle of the street, got a nice scrape on my leg and messed up the stockings I put on after the above pictures were taken. It was way too hilarious. I just pictured myself from the view of all of the oncoming traffic. Perfect.

I made it to the play and met up with Kish, Ben and Brit Brit and we went in to see the play.

After we all headed over to a local sushi restaurant for dinner.

I had my usual, miso soup - green salad with ginger dressing and one roll. I picked the philly roll and it was WAY too salty. We all parted way after that and while I was walking home Lady Gaga's 'You & I' came on the ipod shuffle and I got really into it, and by the time I came home I decided to make this video on my tumblr haha. And take the below photos.

I ended up wearing the scarf around my head the whole time I was out as well. Do you like how I change up my outfit after I take those photos. More more accessories! I was kind of bummed I didn't find anything to do last night after the show - but whenever the 'L' train is down it kind of makes me not want to go out because then I have to worry about getting home which is lame. Because I get lost easily still.

Well I am off to Apple Picking with the group. Hope you have a lovely Saturday!


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