A Real Human Being.

Day 2 of my pseudo-weekend I was a bit tired but managed to get up and dress-up and get out on the town.

I just got the green skirt at work this week with my credit and wanted to wear it with my capelet but it didn't work quite well. So I did this combo instead. do you guys like the little hair bun I made on the side. It's a first.

Met up with Dan @ Buffalo and then we ventured over to 'The Meatball Shop' for lunch. I have been wanting to go since it opened up, I heard only amazing things about their veggie balls - and I was not disappointed.

We went shopping for a bit in the city after and he showed me a few places I've not been to before like this place which is like the thrift stores in every other part of the world - they even had tapes.

This was Dan's outfit sans the sweater he had on over this but it soon became a bit too warm for it. We soon parted ways when he headed over to Wall Street and I went down to the world trade center to finally go to Century 21 to pick up some panties! ooh la la..

Finally made it over to Jason's house after to help him organize/clean. We ended up giving away 5 garbage bags worth of clothes that he was sadly holding on to for far too long. We watched a downloaded version of Melancholia and ate calzones after. I left feeling really fucked up about the movie though. But I suppose that is common for Lars Von Trier films.

I had to snap out of it though because I was meeting up with some lovely Buffalo ladies for some karaoke!

I started off the night with some Limp Bizkit 'Rollin'. To which this fella kept coming in and trying to steal the mic from me. Doesn't he know that Limp Bizkit does not need a back-up singer..

The wife was next up, and then another group asked her to join in on a Beyonce song with them.

Grace was so cute dancing and singing to all of the songs.

This is how Jocelyn and I felt about this horrible Polish guy that was being way too friendly with everyone.

Grace singing 'No doubt's - Just a Girl'

Jocelyn enjoying the delicious veggie dumplings.

Picking songs and not having them played.

The wife and I talking about all of the amazing things in the universe while I drink H20

We headed home around 12am and I slipped into my little bed. But not before finding out that my wig came! I will post pictures soon!

Today I get paid! Then going to see the wife in her play with kish,bryant, ben and brit brit. I am stoked to finally get to see what she has been working on for all of these days!

Have a dreamy day love-cats!


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