An Un-apple-picking story.

We were all set to meet up @ Ben's to go Apple Picking yesterday. But we ended up not going because some people over-slept. We decided to change plans and drive around Williamsburg going to food-festivals, berry park, and then back over to Ben and Brit Brit's.

This was what I looked like for the day. I wore my new sweater! Isn't it sweet, so warm! I ended up doing multiple layers because it was supposed to warm up.

Here is the new skirt that I got at work on Friday. It's from URBN.

While driving to Ben's I saw Tits and Ass Deli. Delicious!

We went to a Food and Record Festival down by the williamsburg waterfront. Bryant and I walked around talking about Shit Yeah Girl! stuff and found these delicious balls that we ate. It reminded me of this game, 'Tamagotchi Connection Corner' that I used to play back in Chicago. [here is a little video I made about the game] way back in 2006.

I almost took a bite of Natalie's pumpkin ice-cream sandwich, but the wafers were made of chocolate. Look how good it looks though!

Instead I had this delicious Icecream made of only banana's and topped with peanut-butter. It was soooo creamy.

Kish ate some thai food!

We all walked over to Berry Park after to hang out on their rooftop and enjoy some beverages. I had cider. Kevin rode his bike over to hang out with us as well.

Shit Yeah Girl! posing.

After Berry Park dropped the lady off at the subway stop so she could go do her very last performance for the play.

We stopped to get beerz and Ben picked up loads of Vinny's vegan pizza for everyone.

The cards were pulled out and we played 'Kings'. Was pretty fun, lots of beers were killed.

Ended the afternoon by heading up to their rooftop and hanging out and enjoying the sunset before everyone had to go to their separate engagements.

I passed out early and woke up around 2am and talked online with Marcus while I randomly posted on my tumblr. I was feeling like my 18 year old self. I had a strange dream about Shit Yeah Girl! Today I have work, and then a co-worker got a new job @ Nylon so we are all celebrating and going out for drinks I believe. It's supposed to get up to 85 today, warm. And it is gorgeous out again!


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