On the occasion you feel like watching all of Hanson's music videos.

So I decided to put together a little post dedicated to Hanson Music Videos - in no particular order :

'If Only'

This video I imagine myself with the boys going on their kind of camping trip - where they just sing with the sun shining in on their faces from wherever they are sitting. We find interesting 'desert' creatures and like to ride our off-road vehicles all night long!

'This Time Around'

At first I thought I was at Casper's house, but then there breaks out this wild house-party, and then issac just gets down singing while two girls are terrified of the scary rat in the fridge - omgggg my french fries!

'Save Me'

That artistic pencil sketch effect - stole my heart. Super angsty!

'Where's the Love'

I like that Hanson is against domestic violence, and that they like to people watch. Issac's braces!


Firstly I need to recreate this - since it is shot in New York somewhere. Taylor's eyes freak me out in the underwater scene - and Issac...jesus that break-down part - every video Issac is just doing something that I don't understand.

'I will come to you'

This is the song that the wife and I sing to each other all the time. But I like how Taylor is singing the song and it is flashing to these random people on the street looking 'troubled' and he is going to 'come' to them - I bet that one guy that got hit by someone on the street is not going to want Taylor to 'come' to him. but who knows. Zach looks like a little golden orphan on the street in this video. They also show the same footage with the big forehead girl way too many times. Yes she looks like she is sad, we should repeat it over and over.

'Penny & Me'

Probably my favorite Hanson song. The boys are all grown up - and looking fine as fuck - even Issac manages to not do some creepy awkward shit like in all the others. I would play this song whenever I was driving in my car and picture myself making out with Taylor.

'Lost without each other'

'What I'm missing is your kissing - ARE YOU LISTENING!' yes I am Hanson - come to my bedroom! Issac was going through his rebel phase and had a mohawk.

'Thinking 'Bout Somethin''

Low Budget video with all of their fans. The best outfits thus far on the boys. And Issac is sexy for the first time ever. I miss Taylor's long hair though.

'Give a Little'

There are babies in this music video - which I assume are probably their babies. Which just makes me sad and all girls who ever wanted to marry Hanson.


Zach never sings - why is he walking around singing by himself. Where are my other boyfriends?

'Great Divide'

Don't know what to say about this video - all the proceeds for this song went to help fight the 'African HIV Epidemic'.


Last but not least the song Hanson is most known for. This is where it all started, them roaming around streets in music videos and generally doing a whole lot of nothing except Taylor looking sexily into the camera is all in this video. This video has all 90s fun activities in it - such as : hanging out with a green screen, going rollerblading, and wearing your jacket tied around your waist. Oh, and you can't forget landing on the moon!


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