Phone Photo Dump.

I have been neglecting making a post on here, because I have so many pictures to post -haha.. So I waited until Monday morning where I usually have more energy for things such as this...

Kish sent me this a few weeks ago. A little tribute to 'Drive' at an ice cream shop in New York.

This was on the subway on the way to go see the Wives Play in the beginning of the month.

When we went to the food fair a few weeks ago - I snapped this of the waterfront.

I have been on an Arizona kick again at work lately.

Still love these ads.

This was during comic con. I was coming home from work and saw people with all of this swag.

On my way to the last $hit Yeah Girl! practice before the show.

Ben being obsessed with his new iphone.

While Bryant and I were waiting to be let into the venue to do soundtrack the clouds looked really purdy.

Bryant setting up the strobe lights!

The day I was doing a Nikki from Big Love inspired hair-do and drinking arizona.

For those of you who came to the $hit Yeah Girl! show - these were props that didn't make it in time for the show, so you can just imagine what we have in store for you next time.

It was really gorgeous last week on the days that I had to work of course. :p

Some of my outfit on that day.

An informative sign in Williamsburg.

Got an awesome package from Marcus right before I was heading out to work.

Told you it was an obsession.

Going to cash my check on Friday I had to deal with this winding line in the atm. Lame.

Got really bloody at work for our Zombie Dress up Day.

Walked through Times Square to get to the bar where I was meeting up with the homeboys on Saturday after work.

Weird-ass Karaoke with tons of Bros that we went to.

4am Pizza run with Kish at the place where I had the most amazing garlic pizza of my life - but when we got all the way there, they said it never existed. I was sad.

Taking the J home we were stalled so I snapped a few shots.


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