Bjork Daydreams in my bedroom.

Dudes, I've been exhausted since the $hit Yeah Girl! show wrapped on Sunday night. I woke up Monday morning so sore - and today I am still pretty tired. Mostly that just means I need to start working out again - which I am going to start running again starting this Wednesday. But it also means that the show was amazing! Everyone was so supportive and let me know how much they loved our set. I don't think I have ever received as amazing feedback as we did for this show. It made all of our practicing every night and preparing props worth it. Benjamin did an amazing song mixing our songs - and doing the sound, made sure that I had back-up vocals for Groceries, and bryant made it happen and kept the crowd in-sync with everything we had going on, on stage.

We are hoping to be able to book more shows from the footage we have from the show, and if anyone has any footage they took [pictures and what-not] please send it our way - I would love to post some on here. Our current dream is to hopefully do a Midwest tour next Spring/summer. Visit some of our favorite places and people, and places we've never been before - because the Midwest is the best! Or at least it's really awesome and we both have fond memories of our times there together - since that is where $hit Yeah Girl! started after all.

Here are some stills that the wife took with her camera-phone :

We like to believe that we got CMJ started off on the right foot for this week long NYC festival. Are you guys going to any shows this week?

On Sunday before the show we attempted to play a few songs in McCarren park - this was what it looked like.

We made our own little yellow brick road to the venue.

My Buffalo Babes all came to the show to show their support. It was a Buffalo Party on the top for sure - but that is how it ends up whenever we all get together.

Troy and Brit Brit showed up, who thankfully brought out Whipped Cream for the set. Emily also was here all the way from Minneapolis! She has officially been to all of the $hit Yeah Girl shows here and in Minneapolis - her and Ben are tied!

Here are a few of the outfits I have been wearing all weekend and yesterday. I have been wearing my bangs back, because they are getting long enough. Perfect for my costume!

Speaking of my costume.... the Buffalo Gods have been shining down on me lately - and bestowed upon me these perfect Driving Gloves, which are PERFECT for my 'Drive' Halloween costume, I hadn't even been looking for them yet - but knew I would have to. And instead they just showed up! HOllah!

But that isn't even the biggest news. This sweet-heart showed up yesterday!

I have been obsessing over the Cambridge Satchels for months now. Girls came in all summer long sporting their neon ones - and I got mad jealous every time. But yesterday I was up at the buy counter and out of nowhere my customer pulls out this amazing Green one that she got when she was in Ireland and she is selling it!!!!!!! Major freak-out! I was like, we are buying this I don’t even care if there is anything wrong with it - it is mine!

It ended up being in near perfect condition with just a few marks on the back that will come off with a magic eraser - in perfect condition! and $28 it was mine! !!!

They normally retail for a little over $100 for the classic one - the fluro ones and other designs are a bit more. But I want them all - in all colors one for each outfit! And I especially want/need the backpack version. That would be new york heaven there. But no one will ever give that up.

It has been an exciting week for sure - and a busy one. This week is CMJ and I am hoping to go to at least one show this week - between all of my working. Wednesday I have to do homework for work and go shopping to find out what is hot in Men's Urban Denim, and then hopefully allot some time to work on my Halloween costume - maybe possibly finish it up this week - but who knows. Also going to do some pumpkin carving with the wife this Sunday!

It's all happening!


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