Last of the Rain.

So yesterday should be the last of the rain, and dreary weather for awhile. Or at least that is what I am hoping for. Work yesterday was interesting - I did something bold and talked with my manager about getting Full-Time. [I have been wanting it from day one] She said Yes! Hooray! You guys I am so siked about this! I absolutely love working at Buffalo, and this just makes things even better. I won't have to worry about hours anymore, and I will be eligible for full health benefits [currently I have dental with them - which is AWESOME] and I will get even more discount. As well as other fun perks! Dreams come true! I am such a lucky gal!

Not only am I lucky, but according to this lovely message left on my computer by one of my friends- other people in my life are lucky as well. It makes me smile so big. I want all of the best for my friends and I feel like we are having amazingly good luck at this current point in the year, and that extends out to all of my friends in other states as well! My friends are usually pretty lucky in love, which you know always makes me wish I could have some of my own. But in due time. My prince-charming will soon be out there walking on the street at the same time as me, and we will bump into each other and be like 'hey! what's up!' and boom 'LOVE'! So realistic i know!

I planned on bringing this [3 of the pumpkin muffins I made yesterday] over to my friend Jason's house yesterday to help him organize his closet [if you didn't already know, I get really excited when people ask me to help organize their things for them] but I was feeling feverish after work so I didn't get to make it.

Bryant bought this for me to use [my ipod/iphone died about a month ago] so I could practice and listen to our shit yeah girl songs non-stop while I am doing subway things and such for the next two weeks. He had Brit Brit and Ben bring it to me when they stopped into work yesterday. I put a whole bunch of things on hold for them, and Brit ended up getting all three of the 'All Saints' dresses we got in and a pair of Rag & Bone jeans as well, Ben got a pair of trousers that I found that fit him perfectly. We have been getting pretty lucky, he has trouble finding trousers that fit him perfectly. I was excited. This Pink Ipod Shuffle is all loaded up and ready to go with me on adventures!

My outfit from yesterday was a repeat from this outfit I wore last year. Except with different shoes, and a brand-new black american apparel bodysuit I got from work to replace that old one. My bangs are getting long - which is good since I am growing them out for my Halloween costume.

Awesome news Jem & The Holograms [the show from which I derived my name change from in 2002] is finally coming out on DVD this October. Check out this interview with the creator!

Currently listening to Bjork's new album : Biophilia on NPR. You should check it out. I am falling in love with every new track.

Contemplated buying this wig on a whim last night, after watching Lady Gaga's 'You & I' video too many times. I am obsessed with the teal wig she wears in the barn dance sequence. So pretty. I want it, this was the closest I could find, but I really like this shade of blue. I sent out a vote and everyone told me to get it. So I think I will after I pay rent! Excited!

Today I will leave you with this tumblr image. I love me some mixes, and I love tapes. Perfect combo!


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