It's a disney sort of day.

I made this video last night after I got home from work. I was searching for 'Carpenters' songs and this one came up for some reason. I don't think I've ever heard them cover it. But it kind of fit perfectly. At work I tend to sing a lot of Disney songs so it seemed fitting.

I look kind of messy in the video - it was a pretty busy day at work yesterday, but I did manage to pick up this beauty!

I picked up this sweater yesterday with my credit from work. It is a 'ZaraKnit' and it is exactly what I was looking for. A long sweater, that was warm enough to wear without a jacket, and it MUST have pockets.[I wear mittens in the winter, but I like to bury my hands in my pockets as well] The color is perfect for my woodland creature theme, although I would have taken it in Burgundy or green as well. I am saving it for our apple picking adventure this Saturday! I can't wait!

What I looked like before going into work yesterday, and that is my wife behind me in her best jesus-pose in her nightie. Pretty relaxed one, it was supposed to rain and be cold so I was trying to be prepared. My hair is just because it was easy. When I have long hair I feel like I get lazier with my styles. But I refuse to cut it!

Right now it smells delicious in my house, because I am baking up a batch of these yummy Trader Joe's pumpkin muffins! While listening to the new Tony Bennett 'Duets' album. Just the perfect mood music to work to. Do you guys love old tunes as much as I do? I kind of wish there were bands now-a-days that did the whole big band/orchestra sound.

My Lord of the Rings RISK came yesterday while I was at work finally! It is a bit beat up, but it appears that all of the pieces are there. It's all happening. Next thing on the check-list, get a space heater!

I finally made these into collages for work. We are allowed to do blog entries on the Buffalo Exchange blog on Wednesdays and I took these pictures of customers and some of my co-workers in this cashmere sweater vest we got in the other day - that is super sassy. I made sure everyone did fun poses and it was a great way to meet new customers. I did two version of the 2nd one because I thought it would be funny to slip in a little Ryan Gosling but I don't think that we can use that one, so I made the 2nd one just in-case. Hopefully it will be on the Buffalo Exchange website this week or next!

End today's post with a lovely little list photo. My favorites are sliding on wood floors and falling asleep in rainstorms!


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