Hey ladies and gents who frequent this little slice of the interwebs!

I've been realizing that I have become bored with the format of what I have been doing on here. The only thing I get excited about is Sundays post. Also when I revamped the website I had been working from home, and now I've been working at Buffalo for nearly 6 months and my free-time is not nearly as much as before.

I will be doing less structure and more free-form of my personal life, progress of projects I'm working on, daily-life pictures, and random things I like/love. Basically my tumblr over here in a more comprehensive way.

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Normally around this time of year I start getting excited about the Fall season, the pumpkin flavored everything - wearing layers - all of the fun Fall activities that happen. But this year I was completely all about summer. I am really sad to see it go away. I had a great summer, and now all I can think about is that winter is coming. One thing that is good about the cooler weather is that I will be snuggling up next to a warm heater and playing loads of Risk with whomever I can corral into my place. Well that is once it finally gets here. I ordered the game a month ago and the seller has all of these excuses - according to the tracking he finally got when he sent it last week it should be here tomorrow. Believe me you I will be sharing pictures when it gets here!

So I am now slowly going through the book I bought off of a month or so ago. 'How to win friends and Influence People' by Dale Carnagie. I mostly read when I am walking to the subway and when I am on the subway that is if I'm not carrying a million things in my hands. I have been learning a lot, and trying my best to be conscious about using it in my real life. But I must be honest and say that I can't concentrate on it as much as I would like currently because I just want to get through it to read Russell Brand's novel I got at the same time.

I was always taught that you have to finish all of something before you begin something new. It is a treat to yourself. Finish all of your dinner and you can have dessert! I have been trying to break this habit but it is hard since it is so ingrained in my hard wiring.

Do you guys read multiple books at the same time? I feel like I would get them mixed together.

I've been following Anthony's tumblr since our meeting a few weeks ago while he was in New York working and I love all of the picture he posts with his beautiful Hasselblad camera - and recently discovered that he is a rare breed of boy who has a knack for creating lovely picnics! Lucky for him California is still able to do this. New York I think we've passed our time. He is headed to Dublin and Paris in the coming weeks. I can't wait to see what develops. You guys should follow his tumblr as well!

Ending with this interesting music video for Nero's : Crush on You


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