What Went Down.

The Video is from the past two weeks, but mostly from the weekend in Philly. This week was all over the map. From inventory at work, to working on my Halloween costume, zine fests and delicious dinner with friends. A good filled week - but I think my body is not handling this wishy-washy weather we've been having in NY because I woke up this morning with a little bit of a cold again. The Shit Yeah Girl show is in two weeks so I am going to have to take it easy so I can be at maximum health for the show - I can't wait for it and have been looking forward to actually performing with Bryant again since our last time. It's going to be fun.

Here is what the week looked photographically :

On Monday went to see one of my friend Jason's many bands perform @ The Cake Shop - Kish and the wife showed up as well. The girl's voice was amazing - made me kind of jealous.

Picked up the jacket @ American Apparel in Manhattan and started on my Halloween Costume [I'm going to be Ryan Gosling's character in his new film 'Drive']. I put in about 4 hours into stitching it and then once I started doing the fill realized that it wasn't going to work out because it was making the fabric wonky and so now I have to take it all out and go about it another way - a much less tedious way - but not as cool. Oh, well it will still be an amazing costume I am super stoked about it!

On Friday night after we had inventory at work a group of my co-workers went out to the Charleston and then to the cove for dancing. Kish showed up and we all had a riot - they were doing free coat-check/bag check and the place looked so strange and smelled like loads of incense.

We had two Shit Yeah Girl! practices this week, once on wednesday where we finally got to borrow a good mic and do proper vocals for our new tracks. We tested out the new amp that bryant got for our impromptu shows on subways, and Saturday we worked on our final new track for our show before heading out for the zine fest!

The Zine Fest @ Pete's Candy Shop. I went to it last year and it was packed, but it was so shitty out so I guess some of the people didn't show. We hung out and the wife, kish, and kevin showed up. Happy hour drinks and good conversations were had.

Ben had invited me to what I had mis-read in a text as going to the 'Moma' which is a museum in New York at 7pm on saturday. But what turned out to be dinner at 'Momo' which is a delicious sushi restaurant that has vegan sushi! Either way they had just moved into their new place in williamsburg and i got the first grand tour. Which included this awesome hot-tub and a sweet pool. We all know where we will be hanging out this winter when there isn't anything going on.

We had a delicious spread at Momo and then went to Pinebox, a bar that was right around the corner and had a drink before they drove me home! It was so nice to not have to take the subway - especially because the L is only running every 24 minutes this weekend - ugh so lame!

I have more pictures of what I wore this week, but I will put that into a different post! The only thing on my agenda for this week is to go see my wife perform in this play she has been rehearsing for weeks now. It will be good to have her back!


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