What Went Down.

This past week - post-irene was pretty busy. With work meetings rescheduled and homework to be done I managed to get some things done and some fun had before I ended up with a cold that knocked me out the entire weekend. I am still dealing with it pretty hardcore but I am willing my body to get up and do things and try to manage to go to work on Monday as well. Wednesday found my wifey and I getting lost in Manhattan trying to find a century 21 that was supposed to be in this location according to google maps but was clearly not at the place it said it was - and we ended up accidentally going to times square which kind of sucked because I wanted to save it for something special since I had managed not to go there the entire first year I had been here. Thursday was all-night karaoke @ Tacu Tacu with the gang - which by the end of it included lots of Disney sing-a-longs. Friday I did some shopping for work - heading to MadeWell and James Perse and Diesel to check out prices and labels...things I never thought I would do. I had Kish along for the ride so that made it loads better. Had my first ever full body massage this week and got my first New York manicure - that lady did wonders for my nail beds and the color was very 'woodland creature'! Since the cold of 2011 I have been trying to cough less, so that it won't turn into the cold of 2010 where I fractured my rib from coughing too much, and taking natural remedies of cayenne pepper mixed with apple cider vinegar, honey, and water. It is working pretty well - but sadly not a miracle worker.

Here is to hoping that I will be 100% better come this time next week!

Here is what the week looked like photographically :

Post-Irene I made the most amazing nachos a lot.

Had lovely drinks at this new bar [ to me ] called 'The Narrows' off of the Morgan stop.

Wednesday Laundromat Tattoos. We got both of the ones we wanted from the machine this time!

After getting lost in Manhattan we got off a stop early and found this pickle stand after I was just mentioning pickles. It was a sign. We stopped and each got one from the attendant who was also having a crap day. Hers was brown mustard - mine dill!

One of our main reasons for going into the city - to get a new bin and iron!

After we treated ourselves to some large brewskis at this lovely bar which is perfect for the summertime on Berry st - in Wburg.

We finished the night by grabbing Vinny's pizza where the guys recognized from last wednesday and I slipped a few tunes quarters into the jukebox and played some our favorite jams. We headed back to bushwick and passed the fuck out after that.

Bryant took most of the photographs for our night out doing karaoke. Mucho-fun.

I finished this week, by making this mock-up of who/what I would put on Mt. Rushmore if I had the choice. HAPPY BIRTHDAY FREDDIE!

p.s. I finally hit the 500 post mark a week ago, and the 50 follower mark [at least for blogspot followers, I can't tell if you follow me from other sources! Exciting!]


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