Make Music Monday

Seeing that my voice is out of commission with this cold. For those of you who have heard my nasally voice recently I apologize - I know I sound incredibly pathetic...lame!

I figured I would substitute this weeks Make Music Monday with a collection of songs that people might consider my guilty pleasures. But I find that it takes a rare breed like myself who will admit that they genuinely like one of these songs and we will bond over it - and it will become our own guilty pleasure together. Singing the lyrics at the tops of our lungs, and requesting it at every venue possible when we hang out together. So here is a mini-collection.

Limp Bizkit - any Limp Bizkit has to be one of the ultimate guilty pleasures. I remember specifically there was this one kid in my health class in my freshman year of high school [1999] and he loved Limp Bizkit, wore their t-shirts and the red cap and all of that fun look. Two years pass and he hated them - and would never admit to liking them. I laughed at it. I personally liked 'The Chocolate Starfish and the HotDog Flavored Water' album. My brother had it, and we would listen to it often, specifically the track where Ben Stiller is talking to Fred Durst and making fun of the band. Why was Ben Stiller 'cool' back then, and in everyones music videos..I will never understand. I haven't kept up with the Bizzzkit since then, but I just found out he made a new album..interesting. I would have to say this is nostalgia for sure - white boy angst nostalgia for sure.

Dashboard Confessional - I was 100% against this band in high school, and would make fun of my friends for listening to it. But after my first break-up and my wifey lending me a cd with this album burned on it, it became my go-to cry my eyes out and sing album. This song in particular 'Best Deceptions' was my song that I would scream at the top of my lungs while driving to work in my car.

Sarah Mclachlan - She was my first singer/songwriter who I obsessed over. I believe my step-dad and mother got me her album from their Columbia House subscription for an Easter present, and I just listened to her every night of my 8th grade school year to put me to sleep.

Ashlee Simpson - This happened when I should have known better - or maybe not. I was 18 and living with my then boyfriend and his three younger sisters in Chicago and they loved watching the Ashlee Simpson reality show, so I got into it as well. We would run around their two story mansion and sing these songs and be silly girls. I remember thinking that she was such a 'poser' but I still would get wrapped up in it. Those mtv shows just know how to get you addicted.

Britney Spears - Pure-pop! I had her first cd when I was in 8th grade, and I probably still have it, because I never get rid of my cds. We lost touch, in that I have never bought a cd of hers since then, but I always vibe on her very danceable singles from all of the albums until the recent one. This last album I have to say is lots of fun and super danceable. She is kind of a nut-job but her music makes me just want to have fun, and sometimes that is all I want from music.

The Dixie Chicks - There is some country in my blood, my dad growing up in Maine it was sure to trickle down just a bit. He would take me to these parties at barns way out in the middle of nowhere Florida, and all there was playing was country music, and my uncle would always listen to it as well. I remember their house being all dusty rose and cactus motifs everywhere. It seeped in - and that is where my love for The Dixie Chicks came from. They were just the right amount of pop-crossover that I could handle. Plus they sang songs about killing abusive cowboys!

Hootie and the Blowfish - this video in particular is awesome, because they are on sesame street singing 'hold my hand'. This is simply a product of my mom playing the album on repeat while I was growing up. Also a side-note I was obsessed with getting one of those tickle me elmo dolls, at an age that was far too old to want one. I ended up getting a tickle me ernie instead.

- - - - - - - -

Those are all the ones I can think of currently, but believe me you - there are plenty more bands that I get made fun of for liking. What are your guilty musical pleasures?


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