Week Re-Cap!

So I am editing the format of my week in video bit. I decided a bit ago that I wanted to try and take more photographs to document my week instead of videos. But I still have been taking video. I will probably do a video every other week and post my pictures weekly.

I don't know why I am explaining it out really. . oh well. hah.

This week started on Wednesday - on my first day off. The Wifey and I were productive and went to do laundry and got tattoos while there.

Then we got dressed and picked up Christopher and headed off to Brighton Beach.

It was a gorgeous day out.

Our main reason for the trip was to get more pickles and Russian yummy foods for our picnic on Friday.

We had lunch on the boardwalk and shared two vegan friendly platters. While I got blasted for cheating veganizm. But I am just an aspiring vegan. They both have been vegan for years and years now.

Later we met up with Kish and watched the last movie in McCarren park [ Clueless! ]

They had both never seen it, so it was fun to see it with newbs. We drank sangria and ate some delicious vegan pizza from Vinny's as well.

After we headed to Union Pool for cheap beers and photo booth competitions. It really is our favorite haunt in all of Williamsburg.

Thursday I met up with a new friend, Jason for drinks and dinner after I got off work. I ordered a mojitio for the first time in over a year and was happy to be reunited with my favorite spring/summer beverage. The food wasn't the best. We went to Sea, I've been there one other time and it was delicious - oh well.

Picnic on Friday, after running errands in Manhattan all morning. We bought a box of Sangria and laid our all of delicious foods and started nomming down. Hurricane talk was on everyone's minds but it was beautiful on Friday. Friends showed up later and another box of sangria was bought, arnold palmer's were had and I met a girl who I had checked out at Buffalo before.

We headed over to Kish's house after the picnic for some pre-gaming before the CatFace Party, and to park the car because we were originally planning on going to the Brooklyn Flea but the hurricane messed that up.

We got to the CatFace still a bit early and headed to a bar next door. Crazy shit down and we ended up going down the block and I had some amazing garlic pizza. The best garlic pizza I've ever had I actually went back for a 2nd slice later in the night. The club was pretty big for being underground, had some red-headed-sluts and brewskis. Anastasia made her mask for the night, mine was from a costume shop in bay ridge a few months ago - Kish and Bryant just had their faces drawn on by the lady at the door.

Saturday with hangovers in tow we headed home to have fun riding out the 'hurricane'. My lady made the lovely tofu scramble for breakfast and we just lounged around all day. I caught up on some of the internet stuff I have had to get back to when I was gone for 3 weeks. We built the last of the ikea furniture, made a carrot cake, and watched 'Bad Teacher' [horrible film btw - even though it has my boyfriend Jason Segel in it]. I passed out for a bit and then the wifey went out for partying.

Today Buffalo was open, and surprising or not so surprisingly a lot of people came shopping. I pin-curled my hair for the first time in maybe a year. It turned out pretty - but it kind of reminds me of those little girls who do the pagents. Pictures to come in my next style post!

Next week I work mostly days which is amazing! No plans thus far other than going shopping for my work with Kish on Friday, and out for drinks after work on Tuesday. Here is to hoping lots more fun happens before summer is officially over!


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