Make Music Monday

I decided for this week's Make Music Monday to cover a song from an artist who occasionally plays ukulele in her songs as well. Ingrid Michaelson manages to make very sweet music, and her covers [ I recommend : Can't Help Falling in Love ] are just as heartfelt and beautiful.

I recently made a song to cheer a friend up with, using the tune of this song - and it made me realize that I have never covered it for my blog.

So I hope you guys enjoy.

p.s. I am wearing my amazing Unicorn Dress I scored at work last week, and I got a million compliments on it today during my shift. It made me decide what my 'fall trend' [kind of a joke thing at buffalo] is going to be. WOODLAND CREATURE! I'm going to take my foxy-copper-looking hair and submerse it in the woods of fall colors - somewhere I have never ventured fashion-wise before. I am excited for its results! Stay Tuned!


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