So I have been lacking in taking outfit photographs lately. Just substituting my camera for when we go out and using my isight. So excuse the lack of full body shots.

This is how long it has been since I posted a style post. These are from when I was still living in bay ridge. This was right after I had re-dyed my hair to a vibrant red. Which I have since re-dyed since then back to copper. I have also sold those oak shorts back to Buffalo in exchange for some looser fitting black american apparel ones.

This outfit was inspired by club kids. You can't tell but my makeup is very magenta to match my lovely bodysuit I got from work. Also I seem to have lost that skirt somewhere in the move which makes me really sad because it fits amazingly well. R.I.P. !

From the day when I went shopping @ Ikea for stuff for the new place with my token vegan friend Christopher. You can see how vibrant red my hair is here. Loved it!

I know this has already been posted on here, but I needed to re-document it. Those red leggings are from american apparel but scored them at my work for a cheap pennies.

So I decided to do a weeks worth of bodysuits and this was monday. Mesh bodysuit from American Apparel [aka buffalo] with sunshine makeup for day one.

Striped bodysuit with V cut out in the back from H&M.

And a red striped bodysuit from I don't know where with a primary color theme to it!

On my day off I wore my picnic dress and played ukulele.

Super casual on this day.

This outfit was all about my new brown shoes I picked up from my work for $13. I had been looking for a pair of brown shoes like this after I saw this picture from Yours Truly. Inspired! Oh and here is when I went back to copper! Also that was the last day ever for me wearing that skirt. I picked it up at the philly Buffalo Exchange a few months ago because I was in desperate need of a bottom and well it is way too tight. So I handed it off to my wifey - although that isn't saying much because she shares all my clothing now anyways - this is her scarf btw.

at work. I don't know what I was channeling with this look.

This was all about wearing that scarf in a super drapey way.

Scored this most amazing sandwich dress from my work for a mere $5. Everyone was obsessing about it. I had it hanging up for a bit, now I can't decide if I just want to wear it around the house all winter as pj's or if I should chop it up and wear it out. It's a bit see-thru.

Wearing my Edie Sedgewick dress waaaaaay too much. But I don't care.

Wore this on my day off to go to Brighton Beach with my wifey and Christopher where they became bff's and vegan-policed me all day. It's a new whale dress that makes my cleavage go crazy.

Brought out the purple dress for work this week. Love this color so much on me especially with the copper hair. I need more please.

Laid back outfit for work.

I bought this dress in black and white stripes and in all black at my work for $10 for the both of them. Thank you H&M. I had tried the red version of this dress a few years ago and regretted not getting it. It shows off my shape so well.

Lastly is from the picnic we had last wednesday. Signature White dress. I need more white dresses though I love how they look on me.

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: Style Inspiration :

[almost bought these in yellow at my work the other day.]

[I have been looking for a pair of red velvet or suede platforms for months now]

[yes please!]


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